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Z HASA AGROTECH incorporated in February 08 is a company based on aquaculture. Deliberating from medium scale and forwarding to non stop enhancing agrotechnology. The company will fastforward to provide sustainability of aquaculture for the next generation. We provides freshwater shrimp, tilapia and in the future we will enhancing our wing towards hydroponics. Z HASA AGROTECH also provides information related to aquaculture in our blog which is:

1. http://houseoftilapia.blogspot.com

This blog is publishing an article related to tilapia, starting from farming, water treatment to financial aspect. Viewer can visit this blog to search all information related to tilapia.

2. http://pasar-ikan.blogspot.com

This blog will publish all article related to aquaculture. Newly newspaper article to information from related websites. This can bring viewer latest information about aquaculture from local newspapers. Easy to search and also friendly user

3. http://aquaculturewater.blogspot.com

The objective of this blog is to provides all information related to aquaculture water treatment, parameters and the right way to manage aquaculture waste water.

We are very much appreciate to all valued costumer for their continous support since the beginning and we hope that this journey will continously ahead.

Thank you


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