Pond Plus is designed to actively reduce ammonia and nitrate contain in the pond. An active bacteria in Pond Plus is widely used in a fish culture in order to improved the ammonia contamination in pond culture.

Dosage required = 3-4 kg for 1 hectare pond

minimum dossage = 150mg for 5000 tonne of water (depending on ammonia level)

price per unit = RM 110 per packet

*please contact us for further inquiries and guidelines



A tremendous amount of information on the various styles of fish farms ranging from shrimp farms in Thailand that are in the ocean to catfish farms in China has been generated over the years on Effective Microorganisms™ in large-scale aquaculture operations. The most common problems that fish farms have are due to over-stocking of the farms and creation of excess ammonium nitrogen in the water. Basically, there is an over-population problem from over-stocking and too much wastes cause the fish to be susceptible to diseases. The concentration of wastes increases (rise in BOD) microbial activity and drop dissolved oxygen (DO) in the ponds or tanks, starving the fish from oxygen. This stresses the animals and can kill them. EM•1® Microbial Inoculant is effective at controlling these issues.

Price per unit RM 25

Please contact us for details


Ammonia Remover

Neon Ammonia Remover

Neon™ Ammonia Remover will instantly detoxify ammonia in water, thereby reducing the frequency of water change. It can be used in fresh or salt water.

Preventing crucial parameter to become number 1 problem in intensive culture. Used in fish transportation

Contact us for inquires. Consultancies will be given before using all our product.


Special for fish breeder

Ovadine Egg Disinfection Product

OVADINE is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, general disinfectant. Ovadine has been shown to be effective against many gram-positive bacteria and fungi. Use Ovadine to disinfect fish and shrimp eggs and shrimp nauplii (100ppm for ten minutes) as well as a general disinfectant (250ppm as dip or bath).

Price per unit: RM 240 for 4 litre bottle

Please contact us for inquiries

*price subjected without transportation cost


Spawning Product

Ovaprim Spawning Product

Ovaprim is a sterile injectible liquid that contains Syndel’s patented sGnRHa and a dopamine inhibitor. Ovaprim is injected into the fish during the spawning season to promote and facilitate reproduction of many species of fish. Dose – A general dose of Ovaprim is 0.5ml/kg of body weight. Males are usually injected with half the dose required by the female.

Price per unit RM 73.50
Free transportation fee around Muar district, others area can be negotiable. Please contact us for further details.

Z Hasa Agrotech


We provide Tilapia Feed

Brand : Cargill
Guaranteed : HACCP Certificate Plan*

Starter Pellet (2mm x 2mm) 34%
Grower Pellet (3mm x 3mm) 28%
Finisher Pellet (3mm x 3mm) 18%

We also provide pellet for cat fish (ikan Keli)

*Ensuring to all Muslim this pellet is Certified by Ministry of Health that the producer of this product is strictly ensure clean and healthy product.

Transportation fee will vary depending upon quatity ordered. Please contact us for more detail


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